Our Story

Ever since the real ale revolution, the choice for us beer lovers has been greater than we could have ever dreamed. More micro-breweries are popping up every day, producing unique and exciting brews, virtually pouring ‘craft’ beer into our overflowing pint glasses. But what now? Is it still a Revolution? Or are enough people shunning lousy lagers and filling their boots with alternative ale? Either way, here at Star Wing we’re not interested in fads and phases. We’re interested in leaving a lasting taste, planting firm roots in our idyllic surroundings and giving mid Suffolk a brewery to be proud of.

Of course, exceptional beer is a given, but with dreams of a tap room and hop garden, we aim to make Star Wing a social hub. A place to go, rain or shine, when the only way to quench that nagging thirst is to wander down to the Old Sawmill and sip a delicious pint brewed yards away. We’ll be sure to update you on that one. For now, keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready, as Gospel Oak, Stainglass Blue, Spire Light and Four Acre Arcadia, are coming soon to pubs near you!